Spring green among the winter white

It’s snowing today – a lot. The first real snowstorm of the season and my little seedlings are stretching towards the muted daylight coming through the window…on a day like today it’s hard to imagine working in my garden, though I know it will come – eventually…Overnight these little seedlings thrive by the wood stove (I keep them on the stone hearth – warms them from the bottom and side) and by day they reach for the sun on a nearby window sill. I’ve started Black Krim tomatoes; an heirloom variety – beautiful dark purple-black fruit, old-fashioned flavor. A farmer friend recommended them to me – she grew thousands last year on the organic farm she manages, Carrot Top Farm. Below is a close-up of the basil I started last week – a basic Italian variety. Basil and tomatoes are the beginnings of my garden this year…despite the storm outside.

baby basilĀ