two tacos please

People love tacos! I’m one of those people…


Tacos can be as simple or complex as you’d like.

My two favorites are black bean and sweet potato tacos and fish tacos with cabbage.

Here’s how I make my black bean tacos;

I season my homemade black beans with finely chopped sauteed onions, a bit of garlic, a heaping dash of cumin, salt pepper and a bit of chipotle and the juice of two freshly squeezed limes – or more, depending upon the quantity.

I mash up some cooked sweet potatoes to make sweet potato mash. I just add a bit of salt while mashing.

I heat up a few organic hard corn shells and assemble chosen ingredients.

Ideas for taco fillings;

goat cheese



sauteed mushrooms

raw greens – lettuce, spinach, swiss chard (shredded)

cheddar cheese

walnuts (so good!)


refried beans

roasted peppers

seasoned chicken

shredded steak

battered and fried fish

Let your mind go wild – add what you like…keep it vegetarian or not…

What kind of tacos do you like? Hard or soft shells? Flour or corn? The options are endless…