I love Zinnias.

They are easy to start from seed. They grow slow and steady, and they make great cut flowers – what’s not to love?

One plant yields quite a few flowers over the course of the summer – cut them and they keep coming back until colder nights settle in…

Start them in mid spring and transplant out once warm enough…around here it’s usually June to mid-June.

They start to flower in early August and are perfect for bringing indoors.

I hope you are able to bring a little of the outdoors, in.


Stay well.  Be well.

I hope you plant some next spring.


happy new year

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius.

Great quote to remember as this new year begins…Happy New Year to all – may it be filled with beauty of all kinds…and in many ways…


beach at sunset


this little piggy went…

to the transfer station and this little piggy came home…

this sweet pink piggy bank was a recent find from our local transfer station, I just love it! Her big eyes and chubby tummy are the perfect place for little hands (and mind) to learn about the joys (and benefits) of saving money…here are also a few other pieces I’ve saved money with – being a frequent shopper at our local ‘freebie barn’ has certainly added to my savings as well as the planets!

This chair (below) I picked up a few years ago . I love the lines and the thrush seat. The grass blind behind was also a score a few years back, I use it as a wall covering on a small wall in a long hallway – it really breaks up the space and warms it.

The wicker chair I found last year. I use it during the summer months with a sheep skin throw over the back and it makes for a super comfy extra chair in our dining room…

The bamboo chair (below) was a great find too. I used old beautiful ticking (I picked up the ticking at Brimfield years ago) to recover the seat (very simple project – fabric, scissors, staple gun). I also found the fabric for the curtains at our freebie barn. They originally were one large curtain, I simply cut it in half and finished the edges – voila, two curtains! The floor fan I found last fall and it has certainly come in handy this year and the bamboo blind, also a freebie – I found it in its’ original packaging, it was never opened. Lastly, the oval mirror on the right, also free. Wow!

I just love recycling!

the simple life


“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.” John Burroughs

The irony of the simple life is that it’s not always so simple…is anything? 

What’s your idea of ‘the simple life’?