sickness and snowstorms

What a week! Finn was slowly recovering from his bought with the flu and then it took over my body…and then onto Michaels…now back to little man, though, thankfully it’s just a cold now… Hence, no posts last week…

Then it was preparing for the storm – the record breaking, two-day storm. What a storm it was – over 3 feet of snow, both doors snowed closed and drifts up to the windows (and even over some windows!)…thankfully, we never lost power and the sun did eventually shine…

So, we are all still recovering and looking forward to spring – it will inevitably come, sooner or later as will our good health…

front door

snowy windowsshoveling despite having a coldfront of house

love to garden

busy busy busy! Wow – August has taken off with a running start and shows no signs of slowing down… traveling for shows, making deliveries, meeting clients and then simply life in general, well, my time has been limited in my garden – but everything is thriving just the same!

Tomatoes look amazing – still vey green but growing heavier and fuller everyday.

Basil is just going wild – I have plenty of pesto for this fall and winter and more to make! Swiss chard is abundant as is the cilantro and parsley…my corn is doing well – what finally made it that is (I planted three separate times!) – but still unsure if there is enough for pollination (thus actual corn)…just have to wait and see I guess… The pumpkins are out of control and I will have pumpkin for months! They seeded themselves in my very rustic compost as well as one of my flower beds – the oversized leaves are a beautiful addition to my gladiolas and lily’s…I used some of my compost to feed my flower beds (the seeds were dormant and well, are now a welcome and unexpected addition to my flower bed). I also planted a few in my garden – we will have no shortage of jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin penne or curried pumpkin soup this year!

Here’s a few pics I took myself the last time I was picking green beans and weeds…thankfully the mosquitos were forgiving – unlike lately!