Mommas little helper…

My son is a VERY busy and inquisitive two year old boy. We don’t have TV and we don’t do kids videos or video games so there’s a lot of one on one time around here…which means our little guy is interested in everything we do, thus he ‘helps’ with just about everything in our household. He hauls wood, cooks food, waters the plants, weeds the garden, rakes leaves, sweeps – you get the picture. Yet, he is only two…The ‘helping’ at times requires a bit of patience from Mike and I – sometimes great patience, but he’s two only once – how can we say no?

Needless to say, sometimes we just don’t ‘need’ help, but our little guy insists …And again, he’s only two for such a short time and it’s a great time for learning, so we do our best to encourage and allow his participation with just about everything. If it’s safe, he can try…what better way to learn? And it reminds us to slow down

Here’s a few pics of me trying to take photos with my little helper at my side, on my side, under my legs, behind me…he just has to be a part of the action.

He has to get his hands (and feet) into everything – why not – good food is just that – good!