2 days a week

That’s how often my favorite shopping haunt is now open – 2 days a week. Winter hours. Winter hours? What? Already? Oh my.

My transfer station (aka – the dump) is now only open 2 days a week. Wednesdays and Saturdays. The busyness of summer has passed, the fair weather residents have moved on, thus the population has decreased significantly – so, no need for 4 days a week now… two days it is.

I hadn’t found anything spectacular since the sweet little pink piggy bank – until just recently. I found a few great old children’s books. Happy Birthday to you, by Dr. Seuss, 1959 and Walt Disney’s, Bambi, based on the original story by Felix Salten, copyright, 1949. The illustrations are lovely…

I also came across a Richard Scarry’s, Fun with Words, 1971. Dumbo, 1968 and My Friend Mac, by May McNeer & Kynd Ward, 1964.

These books are fabulously nostalgic and in decent condition. I’m not sure a Kindle version would last quite as long or be as memorable…

I’ve also recently come across a Thermos travel mug,

the usual plastic toys (at least they are getting recycled and not in the land fill – if only all plastic toys could be recycled or at least, be made of recycled product…),

a handmade wooden toy truck, (the dog puppet was picked-up at a thrift shop, $1 – the little bunny, a handmade gift)

a boogie board,

cross country skis,

a ball of string,

a hula hoop

and a simple, old, wood framed, chalkboard and eraser – even the old blue mason jar holding the sunflowers is from the dump!

I certainly didn’t need any of these things, but they are fun to have all the same. Treasures I like to say… I am recycling, re-using and best of all not consuming. Fun for free – what’s not beautiful about that?

If only every town had a transfer station like this, how lucky we’d all be…