Hello and welcome! I’m here to share my ideas about what it means to ‘live well within your means’…

Having a lot of money does not necessarily equate good taste or living well, having a good eye and an open mind does. Beauty is not only how something appears, but how it makes one feel…things of beauty improve or enhance our quality of life, they don’t take away…

Our personal surroundings, how and what we eat, what we consume (and why), the programs we watch and listen to, the places we visit – even if only on a screen…everything in life greatly effects our overall ‘being’, thus each other; don’t underestimate the power and importance of beauty and don’t overestimate the necessity of money to live a beautiful life – a beautiful smile, a well designed chair, eating warm fresh baked bread, a thought provoking film, picking ripe berries, walking outside, living in a space which feels like ‘home’, a well made object, the smell of lilacs after a long winter, sharing a delicious meal with friends, listening to music that ‘takes you away’, reading with a child … it’s the ability to appreciate and recognize life’s simple luxuries.

Beauty abounds if we look – it is something to share.

So here are my ideas about all things beautiful,  even while living on a tight budget… please share yours with me.


2 thoughts on “about

  1. Awaking to the birds talking, an owl hooting in the stillness of the night, laughing until you cry, the smell of coffee roasting in Hawaii, fresh linens on the bed, the smell of salt from the sea caught on a breeze, big puffy hydrangeas, clouds whizzing by overhead, a smile from a stranger as you pass on the street, green sprouting from a newly sown seed, roses with a heady scent, the feeling of sun on your face…a tall thick, sturdy tree with gnarled branches, a peal of laughter, watching someone engaged in doing something they love….these are some of the things I find beautiful.

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