in the garden

This summer has not been my summer to be in the garden…at least not as much as I’d like…

But today, time and circumstance allowed and I was able to get out there!

Phew. gate

I pulled weeds, cut back tomato plants, and harvested a few goodies…

in the garden


from the garden

swiss chard


buttercup squash



cucumber and kale


I was amazed by what was growing – despite the neglect and lack of water.

Thank you plants.

SO much green!

What have you been growing…?



14 thoughts on “in the garden

  1. Oh, YUM! Did I see a bush cucumber somewhere in that lovely crop? I grew them last year and can’t wait to get them back into the ground again. It’s winter here, but my tomatoes and zucchini are coming along famously. The snow peas and beans are going well and I just planted a lemonade tree 😀

    • Yes, you did, and I made a fabulous cucumber simple syrup with them to put into cocktails…it was SO delicious!! More on that to come…yeah for your tomatoes and zucchini, mine are coming along, but only a few really…and a lemonade tree for you too – I’m envious!! I love lemons and limes…oh to be in warmer climates…(:

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