it’s been far too long…







I’ve needed to post.


So here it is.

In photographic form…

A taste of the last six months.

Yeah for summer!

What have you been up to?



18 thoughts on “it’s been far too long…

    • Thank you Mim!! The garlic made it!! I’ll post photos of it soon…the ice house is part of a museum in South Bristol Maine – the Thompson Ice House – – check out their site.
      It’s an annual event, one not to be missed if your in the area…Finn was able (with the help of Michael) to cut ice with tools over 100 years old – great experience to say the least…I’ll have to do a post on it. Happy Summer!!

    • Yes and thank you.
      That cute little house is a part of the Boothbay Botanical Gardens…it’s in the children’s garden…I love it. Especially the grass roof. It’s among other little ‘spaces’ found within the childrens’ area – a chicken coop, clothesline equipped with clothes, pins and basket… an open-air reading room, watering pump, ponds full of toads and tadpoles…lobster traps to be set and hauled and a tree top climbing rope…all for children to explore…it’s a magical place…truly. Plus the gardens. Wow. I love this photo and the magic it represents.
      He is a cutie – I agree! (:

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