11 thoughts on “nature

  1. Really wonderful photos–what a great environment your little lad is growing up in. Makes me think a lot, as I bring up my two young daughters in a big, busy city…

    • Thank you! And thank you for reminding me of the beauty that I am raising my little lad in…oftentimes, I wonder, would it would be easier to be closer to town (actually, it would be easier!)? Or would it would be ‘better’ for him…and then I just sit and remind myself of what it is that is surrounding us, for however long, and trust… though, I also know – big, busy city’s also have their beauty…(: Beauty is everywhere…thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share! Nowhere is perfect…(:

      • Thanks for your reply, sorry my reply is later than expected. Ah yes, this is the trade-off we make….you always gain something/give something up at the same time. I live in a concrete jungle, and although it is easy to live here (I do not live in Tokyo, but in another large city in Japan, and the cities are extremely built up), there is a downside—lack of space, lack of greenery, and other things such as when I watch my young daughter skipping on our apartment balcony, a yearning to see her skipping outside in greenery and more space. Having said that, we can get out the city easily enough, although time is limited to weekends, and where we live is very convenient for work, etc, plus it is (generally speaking) very safe, certainly much safer than where I am from (London, UK) or any North American city. So I guess you take the good with the bad, but at the stage of life I am at (early 40s with 2 young children) I think the greenery/fresh air/gardening is far better, although when the kids become teenagers, they may see things differently! Sorry for waffling on…keep up the good work.

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