planting garlic

Have you ever done it?

I hadn’t until last week.

I was given three beautiful home grown (thank you Mim) heads of garlic and decided this was the year I would experiment with growing garlic…we enjoyed one head and used these two for planting…

1. garlic heads

So I asked a few gardener friends of mine if they had ever grown garlic and most had…all agreed it had to be the simplest bulb to grow.

Finn and I broke apart each bulb and then headed out to the garden… view peeling

3.Finn peeling garlic

4. heads pulled apart

5. close-up cloves

It was a beautiful day. The mosquitos were quiet, the sun was warm and the ocean could be heard…

7.holding clove

It’s so simple – if, of course you already have a garden or area to plant in…

Make little holes. We went about 2 inches apart. 2 – 3 inches deep.

6. make holes

Pop a clove in.

8. little hand over row of holes


9. cover with dirt

Cover well.

10. cover well

Tamp gently.

11. tamp down

Water (not shown). Finn moved right along to picking carrots…but you can see the completed row of garlic behind him…

pulling carrots

Mulch garlic bed well for winter (still have to do). Wait for spring…

So, have you ever planted garlic?

14 thoughts on “planting garlic

      • I’ve been trying to find ‘albigensian wight’ which I saw a great review of, but they’re sold out everywhere! I guess they must be good 😀 I’ll have to try another variety. We love garlic in this house and get through lots of it, so growing it would make much sense. Hope yours works out for you 🙂

  1. You will be so happy you did! Don’t worry, it will grow. Our little guy planted the entire farm’s supply last fall – all 300+ bulbs. It’s a great activity for kids and he was so proud to dig them all up and hang them in the barn to dry this summer. Even with complete neglect, you’ll get a crop, and it will be the best garlic you’ve ever had!

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