cosmo carrots + kids

Gardening is something I look forward to…despite this years crazy spring, super hot summer and now, mosquitos, things are growing and I continue to plant…and now am starting to reap the benefits…

I pulled the first few carrots of the season while Finn napped and as soon as he saw them (after he woke), he said, ‘Mamma, I want to pick carrots too!’

I didn’t want to subject him to the incessant mosquitos and thus, the required long sleeve shirt, long (thick) pants and gardening boots, so I picked while he slept…though when he told me he wanted to pick and wouldn’t mind ‘getting dressed’ (despite the 90+ degree day), out we went…

I was one proud mamma!

Look at these beauties.


Cosmo carrots (purple) and baby carrots, plus the first picking of basil and the never ceasing baby lettuce (under the carrots)…

Finn helped me plant all of these and I’m so happy he wants to help harvest too…I can only hope to instill a love for gardening or at minimum, an understanding of how food is grown and a respect for all that required to grow, organically…

pulling carrots

carrot freshly picked

double carrot finn + carrot

double carrot

fresh picked carrotshappy weekend!

8 thoughts on “cosmo carrots + kids

  1. Yea, Finn!!! When I was a kid in the 50’s I had a set of 78 records with children’s songs. My favorite and one I still remember and sing to kids now is the Carrot Song. “I planted it; I’ll grow it. I’ll water it; I’ll pull the weeds. Carrots grow from carrot seeds.” Long live kids planting carrots!!

  2. This is wonderful! What a fantastic learning experience for Finn. I loved my children growing up on a farm because it gave them a better understanding of where food comes from and how precious it is. It doesn’t take a big garden to grow things and the excitement of planting and pulling your own food from the ground far outweighs tv or computer games πŸ˜€

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