cucumbers chili and lime

I first tried this refreshing and zingy snack while teaching in Mexico…years ago…

sliced cucumbers

My students (first and second graders) used to rave about it – actually, as soon as school was out they would run across the playground, throw open the gate and flee to the little shop right next door. Their specialty?  Fresh veggies (or fruit) with lime juice and chilies. The owner, a little old Mexican lady, would slice each fruit or vegetable to order, then press the juice from one or two limes into a plastic baggie, add the sliced veg, and a bit of red chili powder into it… then twist the bag closed and shake. Spicy and refreshing. Simple and nutritious. Cucumber slices marinating in lime and chiles – sounds good to me!

Here’s my take on this fun and snazzy snack;

Peel and slice one cucumber (watermelon and jicama are yummy too!).

Place in shallow bowl or on large plate.

Squeeze the juice from one or two limes (depending on the amount of veg./fruit).

Pour over sliced cucumbers, let rest (marinate) for a bit.

Add red chili powder – as much or as little as you like.

A bit of salt if you like too…


Here’s the cucumber on the vine in my back garden…before being picked…(:

cucumber on vine

17 thoughts on “cucumbers chili and lime

  1. Not something too complicated for me – good! Does sounds refreshing and healthy. The simplicity of something delicious from a certain place and time reminds me of Colorado summers staying in log house cabins – without running water! We really weren’t crazy people – just with other families loving nature and getting away. One of my best childhood memories of food from the cabin is toast made in the wood-burning stove topped with a dab of creamed honey from Del Norte, CO. Sounds too simple to be that good but really was and could only turn out that way in the cabin.
    Thanks for sharing and for bringing to mind a delicious memory!

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