lunch is served

Now I don’t need to tell you how to make egg salad, I’m sure you already know how…but just in case, here’s a friendly reminder for a lunch or brunch idea that can be as fancy (think bread, crusts removed, finger sized) or simple (rolled in a tortilla) as you like…

Add a little decadence – serve champagne with your finger sandwiches…or any sandwich for that fact!

Not only is egg salad good for just about any day, but it’s also perfect for picnics (keep chilled of course – sandwiches and champagne) and meals on the go. It’s inexpensive (even with organic eggs), requires little time and the ingredients are common to most.

Get the kids involved. Peel, smash, enjoy.

Simple Egg Salad

Print this recipe!

1.hard boiled eggs

7-8 eggs, hard boiled and peeled.

2.peeling eggs(I wasn’t too worried about the state of the eggs once peeled, they’re just going to get smashed up anyway!)

2 heaped spoonfuls mayonnaise (or however much you prefer)

1 teaspoon english mustard

course salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

3.mashing eggs

Smash eggs with masher (this makes them super fluffy).


Add mayonnaise, mustard.

Mix until blended.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

5.egg salad roll-ups

Serve on sliced bread, rolled in a tortilla or on a Portuguese roll.

Don’t forget to include fresh greens too!

Lunch is served!

Now, where is that champagne?


6 thoughts on “lunch is served

  1. Your egg salad is so much better than mine. The last time I tried to boil eggs I forgot about them and they boiled dry and exploded (my egg salad ended up on the ceiling) 😉

    I’ll try again with this recipe and WATCH THEM this time! Wish me luck 😀

  2. Love egg salad! I think this makes recipe number 4 for this standard with different ingredients. I just love simple things like this that you would think everyone would make the same–but it goes back to family, I think. We put in sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard. I’m gonna try yours, though. The English mustard sounds intriguing.

    • Glad to know another lover of egg salad…its simplicity is what makes it so good, isn’t it?
      I thought about adding a list of ‘additions’ and pickles were one of them as well as relish…not that I add them, but I know others do – most definitely a family influence, I agree. Let me know what you think of the English mustard…I’ll have to try adding sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard!
      enjoy (:

  3. It’s lunchtime and I’ve just read this – it looks divine! Now I have a plan (and miraculously, all the ingredients..) you’ve made my day 😉

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