planes, trains and automobiles

I had planned posting as usual last week, though after being bumped from our flight (who bumps a family traveling with a three year old? American Airlines does), after waiting in line for three hours to check in, then told (rudely) there are no more flights until the following day (what?) – didn’t plan for that expense (complaint letter being written soon!), then delayed the following day (in Miami) due to a snow storm and then, finally, we arrive in Connecticut, to visit with Michaels’ sister and niece, and there is no internet connection for five days. Life seemed to say, no posting for you…so here I am, now…

We returned last week from our epic trip and stopped off in Connecticut for a few days to visit with family and attend the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC. This is a big show and an expensive one.  We’d been invited to participate for the past few years (it’s a juried show), though wanted to check it out first, in person, to see if it’s a good match for us (get a sense of the overall ‘vibe’), this is NYC and a very HIGH end show after all, so before investing lots of money and time we thought it best to to do our research, first, and I’m so glad we did.  We loved it!

They have a ‘MADE’ section which is a perfect fit for Michaels’ work and our business (Designs Adrift).  We spoke with a few exhibitors (artists) and not only were they friendly, encouraging and talented, they suggested we take the plunge and exhibit next year. Each person we spoke with said it was worth the investment and their business grew as a result…grew enough to continue coming back year after year.

We were placed on the guest list, so the entrance fee was waived and Michaels sister babysat (family rate = free) Finn all day while we traveled in and out of the city… we ate a delicious lunch for only $8.50 (for the two of us) and walked to the show. No cabs for me. I love walking in NYC, it’s the best way to be ‘in the city’ – especially as we were only there for a few hours… why spend for a cab when walking is not only free, but great for the body too.

The train and parking fees were money well spent. We look forward to the prospect of exhibiting next year and I am beginning to plan accordingly – who knows where it may lead?

But, for now, I’m settling back into being ‘home’ and have already started a few seeds, despite my garden still covered in snow…

Planes, trains and automobiles.

There’s nothing quite like being ‘home’…


8 thoughts on “planes, trains and automobiles

  1. There is no place like home for the weary traveler. I hope your vacation was wonderful. Oh, that sounds so exciting to be a part of the home show in NYC! That must have been an aggravating flight home. A couple years ago, I was traveling from the west coast to the Midwest via Frontier Airlines. When I boarded my flight in Sacramento, there was someone else in my assigned seat. As troubled airlines often do, they double booked some seats. They put me off the plane! I grabbed my carry-on luggage and went right to the Frontier desk to complain. They gave me absolutely no help and even threatened to call security when I became somewhat angry. They then told me they could get me out in a couple days! (I had bought this ticket months ahead.) I was waiting for my husband to pick me up, when they finally found something for me after a couple hours. I wrote letters to Frontier Air and even to the president, but I did not receive as much as an apology. Now, I only fly Southwest Air for domestic flights.

    • Oh, that sounds terrible! Bad business if you ask me – someone should be so decent as to at least acknowledge the mistake and make amends – if only an apology…too bad, really – for not only you, but them… I’ve been in contact with another traveler, who was also bumped off the flight and she and her husband were each offered $200 travel vouchers towards a future flight…we’ll se what they say to me…Yes, NYC was fun – while we weren’t ‘in’ the show, we did attend to see what it was all about with the hopes of participating in next years show – fingers crossed!

  2. I’m amazed that you were bumped from the flight. How can they do that? That’s terrible…

    I’m so glad the rest of the trip went well and you’re home (with internet connection) safe and sound 😀

    • I know and agree…I’ve spoken with AA and they ‘investigated’ sent in a ‘report’ and have offered us, each, $200 travel vouchers…I said thank you, though that’s not going to pay for my hotel, taxis’ and food…who knows if we’ll even be able to utilize the travel vouchers and who knows if we’ll be flying anywhere soon…? At least they did ‘apologize’…
      Yes, the trip itself was lovely and while we’re appreciative of our dial-up, after experiencing wifi (at ‘home’) for nearly three weeks, has made me less patient with our dial-up access…of course it’s better than no access (as we experienced in Connecticut), but it’s made me yearn for our friends wifi in the islands…not only did we have wifi, but we had the Caribbean Sea beneath us…bliss…

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