transfer station treasures

Dump shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. To be factual, my town transfer station is my favorite shopping destination. A big part of the transfer station is the ‘freebie barn.’  It’s a trailer set aside to house free (but good) stuff that residents no longer want/need…Who doesn’t like a deal? And a free deal, is the best deal around, right? Added bonus, this stuff isn’t ending up in the landfill or worse…why don’t more towns and cities incorporate this into their budgets? It boggles my mind – if my little town can do it, surely others can too…it’s another form of freecycle – but centrally located versus driving all over – what’s not to love about that? Extra added bonus – the savings. Childrens books and toys add up (everything adds up doesn’t it?), money saved is money available for other things, or simply more time to do more things…money equals time, the less money you need, the more time you can have (sort of – everything has its trade-offs) to do what it is you want to do. We’ve chosen to live on a much tighter budget than most, though these past years spent raising my son are worth so much more than money could ever buy…and shopping is so much more fun this way.

Here’s a few recent finds…amazing huh? It’s nothing, yet so much, all at the same time…


I just love these little etched vintage glasses – a whole set of 12 – perfect for little man. Estimated savings, at least $20.

childrens booksMore books. We read a lot around here, so new books are always welcome – estimated savings, easily $40.

childrens illustrations

These are the first two illustrations of ‘Animal Stories’ seen above – they are beautiful in person and will look great framed. Free art – estimated savings, $40.

childs puzzle

Finn is getting into puzzles and he LOVES trains, so when I found this (new, still in box!) I had to pick it up. Estimated savings – $12.

kitchen tools

Finn is also really into cooking, so when I found a bunch of kitchen tools (some even kid sized!) I had to take them too! Here’s Finn enjoying his latest treasures. Bonus they were all metal or wood (spatula, spoons, pie server, tongs, ice cream scooper (vintage), whisk, honey spoon)! Even the little people joining him were found at the dump (of course!). Estimated savings – $25.

play barn yard

Yet another plastic toy saved from landfill – even the batteries still work as do the sounds and songs which are played when the doors open and close…little animals were free too. So much plastic in the world – it’s frightening…estimated savings – $35.

file sorter

File sorter. I can always use something like this, but I won’t buy this type because they are plastic, but I’ll use it and then recycle it when I’m done. And when I say recycle, I mean I’ll give them away to someone who wants them or return them to the ‘freebie barn.’ Estimated savings – $15.

sea shell book

And finally, this cool (vintage) book about shells. I love shells, I always have. I had to pick it up, the illustrations were too cool…estimated savings – $8.

Total estimated savings  – $195.

Savings to the planet, priceless.

Other ways to save money and resources -check out flea markets, freecycle, craigslist, consignment shops, stay out of the mall and big box stores, trade with friends, shop for big items during annual sales, check your local newspaper… you just never know what you may find.

Also, visit your local library. Books, music, newspapers, magazines, movies – are all available for you to use (and borrow) for free…ok, not ‘free’ the town has to pay for all those books, movies, newspapers, etc. and the library itself, but then, its’ citizens (including and most importantly, children) get to enjoy all those ‘free’ treasures…money and time well spent I’d say.


12 thoughts on “transfer station treasures

  1. Yes, I wish we had different transfer stations like this in our large metro area. (I have given larger items away on craigslist.) I drop off a lot of things we no longer use at a thrift store, but I would like it so much better if it could be convenient to give this stuff away for others to use for free. You picked up quite a haul! I especially love the sweet, etched glasses.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more, so many people, towns and cities could benefit – on both sides of the ‘recycling’ center…thank you…yes, it is amazing, what I (and others in my town) come across.
      I lucked out with the glasses, the person dropping them off was walking in with them as I was walking out. They didn’t even make it to the shelves! (:

    • Not sure if this came through, so I thought I’d post again, in case not…
      thank you!! I agree, I’m so fortunate (for those of us who can appreciate such things) to have such a fabulous resource – if only every town/city did, what fun (and a bit of work and cost, of course) it would be!!

  2. You are certainly a kindred spirit! We have a transfer station close to us and I check it out every couple of days. My latest acquisitions are two lovely cane chairs, an antique beveled mirror (with winged sides) and a kitchen sink (LOL). I’m going to use the sink for a short while once the house is relocated and then it can go downstairs into the ‘man cave’ for hubby to clean his fish and mudcrabs 😀

    • Yes we are Dianne!! (: Lucky you too, a sink – score!! Sounds like a fabulous shopping destination too…so looking forward to seeing pics of your ‘new’ (to you, that is) home – complete with all its’ treasures…(:
      Side note – when we were in Australia (years ago) we went to quite a few charity shops for things we needed and I found quite a bit that I had to ‘resist’ because it just wasn’t practical to put on my back. (my backpack that is) (:….beautiful country!!

      • Australia is wonderful and the people in the charity shops around here know me well 😉

        I want a specific kitchen sink (double drains and double sink) and the shops here don’t stock them – you have to put in an order for them (and I hate to think how much that is going to cost) so when I saw the exact ones at the transfer station I did a happy dance. Hubby wasn’t keen, but I told him I’d just try one and he could have it later when I got a ‘new’ one. But I’m pretty sure once it’s in I won’t be wanting to spend hundreds on a new one 😉

      • I would say so!! A happy dance all the way home and then some!! Congratulations – have to love it when ‘dreams’ come true!! (: Yeah for you (and your home!!) !! And, I’m sure, your right – once he sees that the sink is just fine, he’ll be so pleased with your ‘treasure’ – especially at it’s free!! Those double sinks are EXPENSIVE!! I picked mine up on the side of the road (years ago – and I love it!) – he’ll ‘come around…(:

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