make it yourself baking powder

What to do if you run out of baking soda? Make some – well, a good substitute that is. It’s one step and three three ingredients, actually 2 ingredients, because one isn’t that necessary…it takes seconds to make.

baking powder substitute

Here’s what you’ll need; 

1. Cream of tarter

2. Baking soda

3. The optional one – cornstarch

What else can you do with cream of tarter? Use it to make play dough or whip up a meringue…not that I’m whipping up meringues or anything of that sort any time to soon, but it is another way to utilize cream of tarter…I like to keep things in my pantry that can serve multiple purposes, cream of tarter is one of them.

Here’s the quantities

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 teaspoons cream of tarter

1 teaspoon corn starch

Here’s what to do

Mix baking soda and cream of tarter – that’s it!

Adding the cornstarch will prevent any caking.*

*Side Note about the cornstarch – I stored a batch in airtight container for a week and didn’t add the cornstarch and it was just fine…see what works for you…

Recipe adapted from frugal living.


4 thoughts on “make it yourself baking powder

    • Your welcome…I too have the same problem…so I started a ‘file’ on my laptop which contains all the recipes (or rather links to) I want to try or the ones I may need to reference, at a later date…and then there’s always google – always available (if an online connection is available that is)… despite my dial -up connection (I know, what? It makes blogging such a challenge – actually, anything online, a challenge!) I can still always access google if I need to find some vital info…even if it takes me an hour to download it…(: Hopefully this helps you remember whom it was which suggested making your own baking powder – should the need ever arise…(:

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