sickness and snowstorms

What a week! Finn was slowly recovering from his bought with the flu and then it took over my body…and then onto Michaels…now back to little man, though, thankfully it’s just a cold now… Hence, no posts last week…

Then it was preparing for the storm – the record breaking, two-day storm. What a storm it was – over 3 feet of snow, both doors snowed closed and drifts up to the windows (and even over some windows!)…thankfully, we never lost power and the sun did eventually shine…

So, we are all still recovering and looking forward to spring – it will inevitably come, sooner or later as will our good health…

front door

snowy windowsshoveling despite having a coldfront of house

12 thoughts on “sickness and snowstorms

  1. Oh, get well soon!! That snowstorm looks incredible; the most we ever get here is about 3 inches (never mind 3 foot), and the whole of the land grinds to a halt as a result.. I hope you’re staying warm!

  2. I am so glad you did not lose power! My daughter in Newport, RI lost power, but thankfully for less than 24 hours. That snow!!!!

  3. Hope you and your family are recovering speedily. We got away lightly, about 12 inches,though some area of my lawn and driveway had 3 feet due to the drift. Glad you did not lose power and was able to stay warm.

    • thank you Norma – yes, we are all nearly recovered, though I still feel like I could sleep for days…
      The plus side of heating with wood, is that if (and when) the power goes out, we still have heat…thankfully…

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