comforting an ill child

Not much to post today…Finn came down with the flu and few days ago, so life around here has s-l-o-w-e-d  down. Thankfully, not a strong strain of the flu, but one to make us stop for awhile…

Stories, sleeping (he, not I), sipping tea, sitting by the fire, more stories, playing in the tub (great for aches and pains), sometimes twice a day (again, he, not I), wiping tears, snuggling on the couch (near the fire), more stories and trying to convince him that those ‘little pellets’ (homeopathic) will help his ill-ease, are just a few things which have consumed my days and nights lately…Nighttime is usually when I work, though these past few nights have been sleepless with fever – so, not much to post today except;

Be thankful for your health and the health of your family and friends. It’s such an easy thing to take for granted, until it’s taken from you…even if only for a few days…

Be well.


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