sample sales aren’t just for overpriced designer clothes…

I had never been to a sample sale before (I’m not a big ‘shopper’) and to be quite honest, I didn’t intentionally ‘go’ to this sample sale either – I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. Finn and I went to our local farmers market this past Saturday, it’s indoor at the moment and takes place in an old renovated mill in Brunswick. It’s a fabulous space. It houses artist studios, offices, restaurants, a flea market, an antique market and a variety of other businesses and services…Acorn also has an office there and they were hosting a sample sale this past Saturday. I had no idea. I only became aware of the sale upon entering the Farmers Market (Acorn is adjacent to the market) – a sign read,  ‘Acorn Sample Sale – Today only’. Now, I’m not big into shoes, I’m more of a ‘boot girl’ – but I was in need of some fun new summer shoes, and being on a rather small budget at the moment,  I thought, ‘why not check it out – all shoes for $5, why not at least look?’,  I was so glad I did. I found two pairs of shoes for me and one pair for Finn! Nothing was in Michaels’ size…sorry Mikey…

sampl tag

side view orange acorn

blue shoes

finn's boots

Only $15 for three pairs of brand new, well made shoes – even a consignment shop or a thrift shop would have a hard time beating that price!

The thing about sample sales is not all sizes or styles are available and pieces may be slightly imperfect  – which is why items in sample sales are sold for such low prices. So do check everything out and do try on, sizes may be slightly off too…basically, you can find well made (but not perfect) pieces, for next to nothing. I only spent $15 for shoes which would have easily cost me $150 retail, what’s not beautiful about that?

Sample sales, add them to your list of budget friendly places to shop.

Check out these links for more information about what sample sales are and how to shop them.

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4 thoughts on “sample sales aren’t just for overpriced designer clothes…

    • It was a fun surprise to say the least…sample sales are more typically found in large cities, within boutiques and designers…though I’ve learned they also exist online. Hoping you find a sample sale with just the thing you are in need of! (:

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