weekly photo challenge: green

I’ve been following the WordPress weekly photo challenge for a few months now and I just hadn’t participated yet. This weeks’ challenge is a color. You guessed it – green. I instantly thought, I’m going to do this one! I love the color green.  I love it in my garden, nature, food, clothes, toys – everywhere. And while I did have a lot of photos to choose from, I still decided to go out and about last week and photograph all things I came across ‘green’. And here they are, hope you like them. The technical part of making them into a gallery, well, that was the challenge – I’m not tech savvy at all. Though after much trial and error, I finally figured it out…thankfully!

{My green gallery – sunshine on plant, moss covered stump, hostas (photographed at the Maine Botanical Gardens), ferns (in my backyard), Maine License plate (it is where I live), path near local beach, washed up lobster warp, lobster buoys (it is Maine), dune grass (local beach), seaweed (collected for garden), fallen leaf, cilantro, farm tractor (photographed at MOFGA), unopened sunflower, green beans from garden, my front screen door, limes (love limes!), cilantro, avocado (love those too!), narcissus growing, childs easel (found at dump), toy train (found at dump), toy cricket, morning glory leaf.} 

I wanted to include so many more photos…but time or more appropriately, the lack of it, prevented me…enjoy.

What do you love green?

9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: green

  1. Cobalt blue things catch my eye. But your green page with all its subtle shades pulls me into a quiet, reflective place for awhile. No variations exist in cobalt blue–or it would be another color altogether. May have to change my favorite color to shades of green.

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