junking jackpot

Recently, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot during one of my weekly ‘dump runs’;  a.k.a. bringing our trash and recyclables to the dump (transfer station). OK, maybe not quite the jackpot feeling – but exciting nonetheless…I always have to check out what’s new in the freebie barn. Some days – nothing, other days – mediocre and every now and again there’s an exceptional day – this day was an exceptional day. Check out what I came across…

Safety earmuffs. Always good to have on hand.

Kids binoculars – just what little man needed.

Safety kit (new in package) – Michael is always in need of a mask and one can never have too many safety glasses, especially when power tools are involved…

A child’s toboggan – Finn has outgrown his other toboggan so I was psyched when I saw this one being dropped off…we may just get a lot of use out of this year – I hear it’s going to be a snowy winter.

A nearly full box of hand rolled cigars (macbeth) – I know – What? I don’t smoke cigars, (I’ve tried one or two in the past), but Michael does enjoy a cigar every now and then. Right into his humidor they went…

Natural rubber boots – Michaels’ size – (Le Chameau). I wasn’t familiar with the maker of the boot, but I could tell they were quality boots. I was right. These boots are very well made and with the highest quality materials. Oddly (serendipity again with the dump treasures), Michael was needing a new pair of boots – waterproof boots – and he was planning on buying a new pair and then I found this pair of Le Chameau.  Now, that money can be used for other things or simply be saved.

Sidewalk chalk – fun stuff to have around.

A bunch of kids books. Finn loves books – we can never have too many books…

And a bright orange bucket with two shovels – when you live near the beach, you need buckets and shovels to share…

Easily over $300 worth of stuff – saved…resources saved, money saved. Plus, it’s fun!

This past Saturday I found this lovely teapot. I’m not sure how old it is, I still need to research its’ marking. I just had to have it, it’s beautiful. Plus, it looks great in my pantry.

Earlier this year I found this super cool antique polaroid camera, it was tossed in a box amongst a bunch of other stuff.

I just love the dump; well, maybe the word love is a bit strong, but it’s a fun place to ‘rummage around’  – you just never know what you might find and you never know what it may be worth…who doesn’t like something for free?

Don’t have such a place in your town?  Try and start one. Host a swap party. Check out and then join freecycle. Look in your local paper, most have a free section in the classifieds. These sources are also perfect to use when you want to get rid of stuff too. Instead of throwing things away, pass them along…

You will not only be helping someone and recycling, you’ll be making an effort towards minimizing the impact on our limited resources…Plus, you may just have the exact thing someone else needs – even if they don’t really need it.

The best things in life are free…

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