bloggers block

I have it. Well, I don’t really have it, I just haven’t finished the post I had hoped to publish this past Friday. Usually I get excited about photographing something, or wanting to make a particular recipe, or simply sharing something about my daily life for posts and then I go about photographing whatever it is I want to shoot/write about.

This past Friday while I wrote and wrote it just wasn’t ‘flowing’. It’s a fairly big topic and different than a usual post – more like a philosophical question – not a simple recipe or how to ideas…so while that one is sitting on the back burner, I was left with the question, ‘what to post?’ I had nothing. Well, more like I had great ideas but no photos to include, or just bad photos, or great photos with no real ‘story’… nothing inspired me, thus no post on Friday. But it’s been bothering me. I want to post on a regular basis – Tuesdays and Fridays, bi-weekly is the goal. And while I’ve mostly kept to that, every now and then I haven’t been able to write for one reason or another – and it’s most certainly not because I don’t think about it, that’s far from the truth (blogging is addictive!) – no, it’s more because of my time, or more precisely, the limited availability of it. I enjoy sharing bits of my life through the camera and words, but if nothing strikes me or the photos are blah, then I’d rather not publish anything. So, that’s what happened on Friday. Nothing. Now, it’s Sunday and I’m still thinking…

Then it occurred to me – how about a simple post with photos from the past few days and have it be ‘a day in the life’ … so here it is. Short and sweet – a day in the life. Food, work, play, love…enjoy!









4 thoughts on “bloggers block

  1. Serious topics can be a little difficult to write… you don’t want to come off in a bad way or anything. But you can’t go wrong with picture posts, and yours are lovely. =D

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