walnut pesto

Pesto has been one of my many reasons for growing basil (from seed) this year…it takes a bit of patience and time (the seeds were planted back in late February).

They grew on my window sills while the ground lay frozen outside…

…but look now – all that time paid off – they are incredibly abundant with vibrant leaves and just right for pesto making. They are thriving in the garden.


Ingredients + how to;

1/4 +/- grated parmesan, asiago or pecorino

2 good ‘go arounds’ of olive oil + a bit more if needed (go around the food processor that is)

a dash of cracked pepper and salt

1/4 +/- walnuts, sunflower seeds or the traditional pine nuts

1-3 garlic cloves (depending on personal tastes)





Two – three handfuls fresh basil leaves

Pulse garlic until finely chopped then add nuts and pulse ’till ground.







add basil leaves top with olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper –








pulse together until smooth and pesto like…







The beauty of pesto (other than its color and flavor) is its’ versatility…I have always used pine nuts, but didn’t have any on hand so I experimented with what I did have on hand, walnuts. Turns out, walnuts and sunflower seeds make a fine pesto too.

It also freezes well. Make a batch, freeze then store. What’s more lovely than the taste of fresh pesto on a cold autumn evening…It’s simple;

Spoon one tablespoon into each cube tray – cover and freeze – enjoy now or later!

Use on pasta, grilled sandwiches, kabobs, pizza, in soups, spread on bread with goat cheese and fresh tomatoes…the ideas are endless…enjoy!

*fun side note – the ice cube tray, the food processor, the strainer and the wooden bowls (all seen above) were all found at my local freebie barn.

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