Junking – I love it. Finding things others discard and putting them to good use, I love it. I’m not talking about trash, I’m referring to perfectly good objects people simply tire of…recycling, upcycling, re-purposing, whatever you want to call it – I call it smart.  It’s also about being aware of the precious resources taken to create whatever it was which was discarded and being savvy enough to realize it’s not really trash, it’s simply something someone no longer wanted.  It’s also being respectful of the planet and its’ finite resources. It’s also a great way to save money. I realize buying/finding second hand isn’t for everyone and that some things are better new (mattresses for example), but many many many things can be and should be either given away, traded, consigned or left outside with a ‘free’ sign on it – some things are better given away than thrown away…childrens toys are one of those things. Especially plastic ones. There are SO many plastic childrens toys out there, it’s frightening. Add to that the battery operated plastic ones and well, it’s disturbing. Where do they all end up? Think about it – it’s disturbing. Why not give it away (if it’s still in good condition) or consign it? Everyone wins…. And for all those ‘other things’ out there that could be given away, recycled, gifted, donated, etc., do the same – simply think twice before disposing of something that could vey well be appreciated by another.

We have a great space at our local transfer station where residents can do just this – I call it the ‘freebie barn’, other towns have ‘swap shops’, call it what you wish – it’s a place for residents to leave and take household objects, for free.  A fantastic resource to say the least! As mentioned in earlier posts, I love the dump (transfer station). Finn and I go twice a week and search for treasures…here are just a few of our recent and not so recent finds…we really are quite the recyclers…enjoy.

I found this chair on a visit to the dump – it had a horrible fabric on it, but I took it because I liked its’ lines – and then the following week I found this great fabric (it’s embroidered) and thought, ‘perfect for that chair I found last week!’. I still have enough fabric for a few pillow covers too.

Plastic toys – uggg – but Finn loves it and it’s not in the landfill and it doesn’t require batteries…

The wonderful part of my junking is the serendipity of my finds…it seems that when I am need of something, it presents itself…just as we were transitioning from the high chair to a booster seat – there was a booster seat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t settle for just anything, it needs to suit my aesthetic. While I would have preferred a wooden one (I’m not a big fan of plastic) this plastic one presented itself and the bright primary colors are a fun addition to our kitchen – and it’s not in the landfill! The bolt of fabric below was just found today. Normally I wouldn’t have taken it, but oddly enough I was in need of red fabric. Tomorrow we’re attending a pirate rendevous and Finn’s costume was in need of a red swath, voila, now I have enough red for his costume and some future dress up capes too. Serendipity….love it.

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