Driftwood is a part of my daily life…approaching our home you can’t help but notice our rather large collection outside and once inside you’ll find driftwood mirrors, sculptures and furniture throughout the house…you see, I co-own a small driftwood based business with my partner, Michael. He collects, designs and then builds art and furniture from this found wood and I take care of all the ‘business’ stuff. That’s not to say I don’t help out with the design end of things, I certainly do; we collaborate, he builds. This weekend he just completed an incredible folk art style running horse for a client in DC. It’s pretty cool that he takes pieces like this (below)…

And turns them into this…

This piece needs to be packed and shipped out early next week so thankfully the weather was perfect yesterday for a photo session – not too windy and not to cloudy. We set-up the barn for the shoot and I photographed throughout the day utilizing the natural light coming through the open barn doors…

while I was shooting I also needed to ensure our son (who is 2 and a half) was happily busy…Michael had the brilliant idea to turn the photo paper tube into a ‘tunnel’ for Finn’s toy car collection – Finn kept busy ‘working’ behind the scenes…

while I captured some incredible shots of this beautiful piece…

Finn also couldn’t help but take a peak around the corner…he loves to ‘help’ – he is a part of everything we do from gardening to cooking to furniture making to finding treasures at our local transfer station.

We are the ultimate recycling family…what do you love to recycle?


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