saved from the wood chipper

Here is a photo of a ‘gem’ in disguise…I picked it up, literally right out of the back of a pick-up a truck. I was driving into my transfer station to drop off a few things and pulling in ahead of me was a truck with this in the back – I instantly thought to myself, “I want that shelf!” So, once she parked, I parked and jumped out of my truck to approach her to ask if she was getting rid of the shelf, she replied yes and then helped me unload the piece from her truck into mine! I was so psyched. I realize not many people would be excited about a shelf in the state it was in, but I could see its’ potential…

After a good scrub, removal of a few screws (I didnt’ even need a screwdriver they were that loose), a light sanding and a few coats of white paint, voila’ – a much needed fun shelf – saved from the wood chipper it was destined for…

3 thoughts on “saved from the wood chipper

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