and the rains came…

but yesterday was brilliant. Perfect for planting a more seeds…fennel, more baby lettuce, another row of beets and two rows of marigolds. The swiss chard is peeking up and out, the spinach is coming on strong, as is the baby lettuce, the beets have also sprung up and the carrots are taking their time…it was such a pleasure to be out in the garden yesterday;  warm sun on my face, a content two year digging up dirt beside, no heavy layers of clothing, just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and most refreshingly, not a single mosquito buzzing me.

The mosquitos here are atrocious. Truly insane causing…so much so I need to wear a net over my head (I don’t like being bit in the face, I find it so rude), music playing loudly in my ears (to block out the insane causing, unremitting buzzing) and all body parts completely covered with fairly thick apparel, regardless of the heat and humidity levels…

As I write all this, I think, WHAT? – all that to garden? And then I see in my minds eye, the overflowing basket full of freshly picked corn and tomatoes, peas straight from their pod still warmed from the sun, spinach, kale and swiss chard so fresh you taste richness, carrots super sweet and crisp… all that the blood, sweat and tears – worth it.

The garden is popping outside…

baby lettuce (left)

spinach (center)

kale (below)








And inside everything is thriving…


Love to hear your thoughts ...

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