transplanting seedlings into pots

If you don’t have a potting table, simply set-up a work space; indoors or out. I was working indoors for this transplanting project…it was a windy and cold day so I opted for indoor planting to prevent shocking the little ones during their ‘move’… I laid an oil cloth on the floor of my pantry. I love my pantry, it’s a great little space for this task; it gets amazing morning light, its close to the sink and its just the right size. I used an oil cloth for its ability to make clean up quick – simply fold unto itself and shake outdoors…


1. Use a container sized accordingly for the next step of growth – I re-use last years pots as well as terra-cotta pots or plastic recyclable food containers filled with potting mix. I use a mix specifically made for herbs and veggies…the flowers love it too.

2. Evenly moisten each individual pot as well as the soil in the new container prior to transplanting. 

3. Gently remove seedling from pot by peeling back (or popping out by gently overturning into your palm/fingers) surrounding container and then lift root ball and place in hole deep enough to cover the stem up to its first set of leaves as well as wide enough to comfortably fit the root mass…fill in around. I transplanted a number of flowers today – below is a morning glory and here on the left, are poppy’s.

4. Water. Place in indirect light. 

5. Keep newly transplanted seedlings out of direct light for 24 hours.

6. Fertilize with an organic liquid blend.

7. Keep moist and in a sunny spot. Transplant outdoors when weather is ready…

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