dump shopping

Check out the new page added – ‘le dump’ for further explanation –  but for now have fun perusing the objects I have come across at my local ‘freebie barn’… I love re-purposing, recycling, and simply finding fun stuff for free…who doesn’t?

Yes, the chair I picked up on it’s way to the dump.

And this entire set of Chinese dishes I found still in its packaging – I also picked up a wok on the same day – (still need to photograph that (: ) – yes, they are from the ‘dump’…

Just a few of the children’s books we now enjoy at home…

Clay pots and galvanized pots also found – the tools I scored at Liberty Tool, in Liberty Maine – great resource for old and well made tools of all kinds.

Metal cooling racks – love these, I use them all the time – I’ve also found newer ones but I favor these old ones…

Picked up this fruit/veggie basket just as I was in need of one…

A variety of glassware always makes for a playful table setting … the fun of free stuff!

11 thoughts on “dump shopping

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